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Company Questions

When did Hand Drawings To CAD begin operations?

Hand Drawings To CAD started in 2001 focusing primarily in Architecture, civil engineering and construction projects. Since then, Hand Drawings To CAD has expanded to cover basically all conversion needs. 

What types of industries does Hand Drawings To CAD serve?

We provide quality drawing conversion services to all industries, and have successfully completed projects for a diverse list of companies in many industries, such as:




Civil Engineering & Surveying


Technical Documentation

Public Works


Public Transportation Systems

Parks & Recreation

Facilities Management

Legal Services


Is Hand Drawings To CAD a USA company?

Yes, Hand Drawings To CAD is a privately-held company located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Service Questions

How is  conversion performed?

We begin with a raster scan of the customer's drawing, which we either receive from the customer or create using our plotter. Then the image is displayed in the CAD software (such as AutoCAD) and the CAD drafter creates the CAD file using the original drawing image as a guide to ensure that nothing is missed. The linework is created to precisely match the dimensions and is not just traced over. Each drawing is then QC checked to ensure accuracy and quality. The result is a perfect CAD file that is as good as (or better than) is produced by the customer's own in-house personnel.

Can you use my own custom settings?

Sure!  We customize the conversion to follow each of the specifications the customer provides, as well as the extra features required by the particular job. Hand Drawings To CAD provides this service at NO cost to you, compared to many companies increasing prices by over 40% for preferences that should be at the customers discretion.

Can Hand Drawings To CAD follow my in-house CAD specs?

Yes. By using our CustomCAD service you can give us your CAD specifications, titleblock formats, and any other requirements. We will follow them exactly and deliver CAD files that look the same as if they had been created at your location. When we use your in-house CAD specs we will give you the opportunity to examine the first completed CAD file to check our understanding and implementation of your instructions. Any corrections will then be made on that CAD drawing and the rest of the project.

We produce the high-quality CAD file in the same way as the FullCAD™ procedure above. However, we customize the conversion to follow each of the specifications the customer provides, as well as the extra features required by the particular job.

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Pricing Questions

What are the prices for Hand Drawings To CAD services?

To receive a same day guaranteed quote and turnaround time, please email us at CAD@HandDrawingstoCAD or call us @ 919-521-8556.


Is there a cost for shipping, media, or special services?

We do not charge for media or standard shipping of CAD files. If a customer needs their drawing prints returned then there are NO shipping costs.

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Turnaround Time Questions

How fast are drawing conversion jobs completed?

Hand Drawings To CAD will give you an precise and accurate turnaround times upon quoting projects.  Hand Drawings To CAD vows to maintain consistency when quoting around turnaround times.

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Terms and Conditions Questions

What other payment types do you accept?

We can accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Personal or Cashiers Check, and Money orders.

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Shipping Questions

What is Hand Drawings To CAD's "ship to" address?

You can ship drawings, etc. to us at: Hand Drawings To CAD, 2800 Combe Hill Trl, Raleigh, NC 27613

Does Hand Drawings To CAD pay for return shipping?

Yes. If you don't want to receive your completed CAD files by email or FTP download, then we will ship the files on CD to your office at no extra charge. If you need your prints returned then there will be an additional $10 charge for this to cover extra shipping and packaging costs. If you send physical drawings then we suggest you send good quality photocopies that we can discard after conversion. This way your drawings are not away from your office and you don't need to wait for their return.

How does Hand Drawings To CAD ship completed jobs?

For those customers that choose to not receive their completed CAD files by electronic delivery we use UPS as our standard shipping method.

Can I send raster files instead of physical prints for conversion work?

Yes. In fact, this is usually the best way to save time and money and still get the best CAD files possible. You can ship a CD-ROM with raster files or send the files electronically by email attachment or FTP. Email your files (smaller quantities) to CAD@HandDrawingstoCAD.

My drawings are very valuable. How can I send them safely?

We recommend that you do not send fragile or irreplaceable drawings. Instead, you can either supply raster files by email or FTP, or you can send good quality photocopies. Either way, your valuable originals will never leave your office. If you don’t have a large scanner you can get raster scans of your drawings at most reprographic service companies.

When sending physical drawings roll them, don’t fold them, and remove any staples or paperclips. Use a stiff tube to keep them from crushing, and put the tube inside a large drawing envelope that is designed for shipping drawings.

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Guarantee Questions

What is the Hand Drawings To CAD guarantee?

We guarantee all our work to be 100 percent accurate, on-time, and of the highest-quality. If we have made an error we will fix it at no charge.

How long does the guarantee last?

The guarantee lasts forever.

Is there anything that is not covered by the guarantee?

No. The guarantee covers all our work.

If I find an error, how do I get it corrected?

It's very easy. Just tell us what needs to be fixed and we will pull the CAD file from our archive and make the change. Than we will send it to you promptly by email.

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Technical Questions

What is a raster file?

When drawings are scanned the result is a raster file. It is made up of a pattern of very small dots (pixels) that form the image of the drawing. A raster file is the starting point for a CAD (vector) conversion.

What is a vector file?

CAD files are vector files. They are superior to raster files in many ways. A vector file is "intelligent" and uses precise coordinates that allow for accurate designs and useful calculations. It can be manipulated in many ways using CAD software. It can be printed at any size without loss of resolution.

What vector file formats can you output to?

AutoCAD .dwg, .dxf, and .dwf, as well as Microstation .dgn

What CAD software does Hand Drawings To CAD support?

We support all of the most widely used PC-based CAD software applications.

How can I supply raster files to Hand Drawings To CAD for processing?

Yes, this is often the easiest and fastest way to get your drawings to us. If you have a scanner big enough then you can scan your own drawings and send the raster files to us for conversion to CAD. You can also have your local reprographic service bureau scan your drawings. Once scanned, your raster files can be put on CD-ROM and mailed to Hand Drawings To CAD or sent electronically using email attachment or FTP upload.

How can I transfer files to/from Hand Drawings To CAD electronically?

With FTP and email you can send raster files to Hand Drawings To CAD, or receive CAD files from Hand Drawings To CAD, without the delay and expense of shipping.  Use our upload form to simplify the process! To send raster files by email (best for small quantities) just attach the raster files to an email and send the email to CAD@HandDrawingstoCAD.  Please contact us for FTP information to send larger files.

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